Our journey began with a single, purposeful step, aiming to transform education and societal thinking well-being. While the path has been winding, it has expanded into a world rich with ideas, technology, and believers. Your journey is uniquely yours, yet it enriches ours, adding to a collective resolve and a shared narrative. Intrigued? We have a story to share.
Digital public goods that offer everyone an opportunity to create large-scale impact

Sunbird is an open source digital infrastructure that offers opportunity to imagine the possibilities for the future, build something new and meaningful, grow in influence and the impact and change the way of thinking and doing to be future ready.

The head and heart of AI, this community of AI enthusiasts envisions AI for social good

People+AI is a community of doers and thinkers, creators and policymakers, researchers and practitioners, startups and corporates and social impact organisations. It believes in Inclusiveness, Innovativeness and Indianness and helps people connect, explore and innovate together.

A societal thinking platform to create fast, exponential and sustainable social change

Social problems are large, complex and dynamic. Traditional ways of solving cannot keep up with the pace at which these problems grow and mutate. We believe digital technology, if designed well, can unlock exponential solving — where one small shift sparks a cycle of regenerative change.

Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao is a mission and a celebration to recognize the abundance of childhood for the 0-8 year olds in India.

The journey of a forest is that of a seed, from nothing to an ecosystem.

EkStep's journey is exactly that. The idea behind chronicling this origin story is to show that a seed can give birth to an entire ecosystem. But this journey is only a pointer, and the path you construct from it is your own. It all starts with a single step, your EkStep.

Our workplace is a theatre of possibilities.

We work together in a huddle, and we work individually in silence. We sit, we stand, we move, we stream. We ideate, and we debate. We welcome you to our world.

ONEST is an open and decentralized network.

ONEST envisions a fair, accessible, and decentralised network, enabling individuals and organizations to unleash their full potential and seamlessly access lear.